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CCNA Academy Course


Cisco CCNA Academy course :  2018
Online Blended course (classroom lectures, online material and assessment) over 24 weeks


Cisco CCNA Academy Course : 
Online Blended course (classroom lectures, online material and assessment) over 24 weeks. Our next course is scheduled to begin September 2018.


This course prepares participants for the cisco CCNAv3 exam (200-125 CCNA) or the two exams ICND1 and 2 (100-105 and 200-105). Classes are held once a week in the evening over a 24 week period.

Students of this course will receive access to the Cisco Networking Academy via TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus, providing online courseware and assessments.  Students also have access to the cisco hardware labs at our Tallaght Campus. 

When students complete and pass their online assessments and hardware laboratory exams, they will be entitled to a certificate from the cisco academy, stating that they have completed and passed the CCNA course under TUD-Tallaght Campus supervision. Separately the student can arrange to sit the official Cisco exam.



24 Weekly classroom sessions

In total there are four modules, each with a supervised end of module assessment. There is also a practical hardware lab exam at the end of each module. Students must pass all of these exams to receive their certification from the cisco academy.


The classroom time includes lectures to cover the more difficult course material,  packet tracer labs to enhance the theory, cisco hardware practice labs to prepare students for the hardware exam, online end of module supervised assessments (four x 1.5 hour exams), end of module supervised hardware labs (four x 2 hours) and Mock CCNA exam.


Students will receive access to the cisco academy on-line material which they will progress through at home. Online lessons include integrated assessment material. On completion of a lesson, students will receive access to an online lesson assessment which can be completed in their own time. The purpose of the lesson assessment is to prepare them for the supervised end-of-module exam which will ultimately contribute to their score.

There will be on-line support available throughout the course.

Cost €1800
Assessment Students carry out chapter assessments at home, and have supervised end of module assessments in class, as well as a mock CCNA exam. Lab exams are based on hardware and are supervised.
Certification Cisco Academy certification available once all exams passed. Students can separately arrange to sit the cisco CCNA exam at an approved centre.



Module 1. Introduction to networks (11 Topics)

- Explore the network

- Configure a network operating system

- Network Protocols and communications

- Network Access

- Ethernet

- Network Layer

- IP addressing

- Subnetting IP networks

- Transport Layer

- Application Layer

- Build a small network


Module 2. Routing and switching fundamentals (10 Topics)

- Routing concepts

- Static routing

- Dynamic Routing

- Switches networks

- Switch configuration


- Access Control Lists


- NAT for IPv4

- Device discovery management and maintenance


Module 3. Scaling networks (10 Topics)

- LAN design

- Scaling LANs


- Etherchannel and HSRP

- Dynamic Routing

- Switches Networks

- EIGRP tuning and troubleshooting

- Single Area OSPF

- Multiarea OSPF

- OSPF tuning and troubleshooting


Module 4. Connecting networks (8 Topics)

- WAN concepts

- Point to point connections

- Branch connections

- Access Control Lists

- Network security and monitoring

- Quality of Service

- Network Evolution

- Network Troubleshooting


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