MicroElectronics Research


Our self-contained and dedicated Microelectronics Fabrication Cleanroom contains a range of specialized equipment which may be cost prohibitive to some companies yet offer benefits in terms of once-off or ongoing use. We can offer services such as Silicon Wafer Oxidation, Diffusion or Annealing. Photolithography and Chemical Etching along with Thin Film Deposition, either by thermal evaporation or sputtering of conductive and dielectric materials, for wafer patterning. An Ellipsometer offers layer thickness measurement and Device Testing is carried out using a probe station and Agilent Semiconductor test meters. The main equipment is listed below and supplemental to this are microscopes, an acid wet bench and a fume hood all in a Class 10000 Cleanroom with a Class 1000 Photolithography Area.


Equipment List

Three Stack Wafer Furnace
Kurt J. Lesker PVD 75
Edwards Auto 500
Quintel Q-4000 Mask Aligner
Sopralab GES-5E Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
Signatone Probe Station
Agilent Precision LCR Meter & Semiconductor Parameter Analyser
Jandel Four-Point Probe and Keithley Meters


The Adjoining Surface Analysis and Material Research Laboratory contains the following equipment;

Varian 660IR FT-IR Spectrometer with attachments
First Ten Angstroms FTA 1000 C-Class Drop Shape Analyser
First Ten Angstroms DCA-100 Contact Angle Tensiometer
NIMA Technology Langmuir-Blodgett Trough
Alicona MeX SEM 3D Imaging Software


Contact Details

For enquiries on the services available or for further information on any of the equipment please contact:

Paul Tierney
Laboratory Technician
Ph: (01) 4042393
Email : Paul.Tierney@IT-Tallaght.ie

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