Energy and Enviromental Engineering


The Energy and Enviromental course in TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus, are a direct response to the need to produce innovative graduates with qualifications in the field of energy management in particular. Careers in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Optimisation are rapidly developing to offer graduates financially and professionally rewarding jobs on a global basis.

To reflect the global nature of the challenge, and indeed the careers, the programmes offer the opportunity for students to study abroad in our partner Institute in Upper Austria during the fifth semester. So while furthering your studies you could experience the cultures and social life of this region. English is the language of tuition for the exchange.

The programmes prepare students to work in the area of energy management by exposing them to the fundamental concepts of energy sources, generation, distribution, consumption and optimisation. Building on these fundamentals students study more specialised topics such as Green Technologies where wind, wave, solar and geothermal energies are harnessed as an alternative to fossil fuel technologies.

In addition to energy technologies you will study national and international energy markets and how they relate to energy production, consumption and optimisation. This course will also prepare you to work in a variety of settings across the emerging energy industry either as an individual or as a member of a team.

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