What is Electronic Engineering?


Electronic Engineering


Today the world is connected through communications systems. People use mobile phones, computers, the internet, high definition TV and digital cameras .The smart grid, electric cars , robotics, the music industry, and countless other systems and areas are continually developing and advancing. Information can be accessed and travel around the world in seconds. Engineering designs created in Dublin can be delivered to a production company in Shanghai in the blink of an eye and sent straight into production. Electronic Engineering and the work of Electronic Engineers make this communication and development possible. The technical innovation of Electronic Engineers will help solve many of the challenges the world is facing today such as harnessing renewable energy, improving bioengineering systems for medical applications, making the mobile phone a powerful handheld computer and developing exciting new areas like nanotechnology which will lead to even more dramatic changes in the way we lead our lives. Why not take a step towards a career in Electronic Engineering and be part of this technological revolution that is rapidly developing our world.
Your Career as an Engineer, Technician Engineer or Technician

Career paths for engineers and technicians differ in many different ways. Looking at the ladder system provided by the Department of Electronic Engineering, it is clear that the programmes for a Technician and a Engineer differ in length and content and so the jobs that graduates take up after receiving a qualification will differ in terms of responsibilities and demands. In general terms, an Engineer's position will require strong analytical skills combined with the ability to follow a structured approach to the design of a system. The position of the Technician engineer will involve the application of design ideas related to the delivery and the specifications testing of systems. The technician will be mainly concerned with the fabrication, operation, testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the equipment. Engineers and Technicians come together to form an important team which can design, apply theory in real situations and maintain the performance of complex equipment.


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