What a Degree can do for you?


Definition of a career
'an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.' - definition from the internet.

There are two views of what a career is, to some a career means joining a company and working until retirement, progressing through the company through promotion. Others are motivated to develop their own careers by forming a company around an idea, these are the Entrepreneurs of our society.

Engineering, especially Mechanical engineering gives you the widest choice of careers possible including: Aerospace engineer, Automation engineer, Automotive engineer, Biomedical engineer, Design engineer, Energy engineer, Facilities engineer, Materials engineer, Pharmaceutical engineer, Quality engineer, Reliability engineer and many others. Engineers also make excellent managers. Their ability to break a big project into smaller steps, their ability to analyse a problem and create solutions make them very useful.

Whether you decide to work for a company or develop your own company Mechanical Engineering is a secure choice for your future.

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