Facilities of the Bioengineering Technology Centre


The Bioengineering Technology Centre is housed in the newly built Centre of Applied Science for Health (CASH) on the IT Tallaght campus which adjoins the Synergy Centre for early-stage enterprises. Among the extensive facilities that the bioengineering group have access to includes a purpose built MTS 858 Bionix® test system with supporting biomechanical subsystems including a hip wear simulator and spinal kinematics system. This servohydraulic system can precisely simulate a full range of joint motions including flexion/extension, lateral bending, axial tension/compression, torsion, X-axis shear and Z-axis shear. Load data from a six-degree-of-freedom load cell and displacement data from a range of transducers throughout the test system are used to evaluate the performance of various orthopaedic treatments such as balloon kyphoplasty and scoliosis correction surgery.



                                               MTS 858 Bionix® test system

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