Engineering & Technology Society


The Engineering and Technology Society was founded during the winter semester of 2014. The founding committee members were Christopher McClelland, Neil Quinlan, Sean Garvin and Alan Crowther.

We,  as  a  society,  have  worked  hard  together  to  build  an  interdisciplinary  network  of peers that will amalgamate the various cultures, interests and facets of the college that are normally separated by their nature.  As our name implies, we are an Engineering & Technology society.  But we are also more than that.  We aspire to bring people together under the flag of innovation, and mutual support. We believe that our society has brought a new dimension to our college, in that, students can join a society that will give them access to cutting edge technology and a network of academics and friends in the college.


To learn more about the society please click on the tabs on the left hand side.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Engineering & Technology Society please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page or Email:


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