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Diamond & Superabrasives


Diamond & Diamond Tool research has been conducted in the Mechanical Engineering Department since 1995.The research group is led by James Dwan, who has extensive experience in the Diamond Industry, ranging from diamond synthesis, diamond tool manufacture and research.

The research covers diamond impregnated metal matrices in particular, with extensive research into mechanical properties. Typical mechanical properties include tensile strength, flexural strength, hardness (including microhardness), fracture toughness and fatigue properties of these types of materials. Research work also covers wear testing of diamond impregnated metal matrices and also metal matrices used in diamond tools.

The research group is multidisciplinary, drawing on expertise in the areas of materials science and engineering, fluid mechanics, stress analysis and FEA analysis modelling of diamond impregnated type materials. The Diamond Research group has many links with industry ranging from diamond synthesis to metal powder suppliers.

The range of activities of the Diamond research group includes the following:

- Undergraduate Design Projects
- Undergraduate Research Projects
- Postgraduate Research Projects
- Visiting Lecturers


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