Course Duration


The B.Eng IN Energy and Environmental Engineering programme takes 3 years to complete and will enable graduates to undertake roles in the workplace as energy system managers, developers, operators, auditors or consultants. Additionally, successful graduates from this programme will be able to pursue further study at Honours Degree level.

The Honours BSc in Energy Systems Engineering, which is a 4 year programme, will prepare graduates for a career in areas such as sustainable energy systems design and planning, energy economics and policy planning, energy management and efficiency auditing, and the environmental and social impact of energy systems and their use.

Both programmes prepare students to work in the area of energy management by exposing them to the fundamental concepts of energy sources, generation, distribution, consumption and optimisation. Building on these fundamentals students study more specialised topics such as Green Technologies where wind, wave, solar and geothermal energies are harnessed as an alternative to fossil fuel technologies.
Career Opportunities

  • European Union Structural Funds
  • Synergy Centre at ITTEngineering Dublin
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